1. The organizers of the competition

Asociația Clubul Sportiv Bikexpert, Bucharest, Șos. Iancului, nr. 2, URC: 31549379


Asociația Parcul Natural Văcărești, Bucharest, Splaiul Unirii, nr. 168, Bl. T4, Et. 17, Ap. 1701, Sector 4, URC: 34113543
The organizers reserve their right to modify any of the conditions set in this regulation during the progress of the event, for legitimate reasons, but not before announcing the public on these changes.

2. The place and duration of the competition

Bucharest MTB Race is a cross-country (XCO) competition which will take place on Saturday, the 16th of October 2021, in Bucharest. The start and finish lines are in Splaiul Unirii, Asmita Garden complex area, beginning at 10.00 AM.

3. Conditions for participation

The participants under 18 years of age are to submit the Written Consent of the parents on the day of picking up the competition kits (except for the professional athletes licensed by the UCI). Not submitting the parents’ written consent leads to the ruling out of the competition of any underage children. The participants over 18 years of age must submit the Personal Responsibility Statement.
Each participant takes full responsibility for his state of health. Any participant must prove fair-play during the entire competition.

Depending on the evolution of the COVID pandemic and on the requests of the authorities, the participation in the event may be conditioned either by the vaccination certificate, either by undertaking a PCR test 48 hours in advance or a rapid on-site test.

4. Mandatory equipment

• The cycling helmet is MANDATORY for all the racing categories, both during the competition, as well as during the recognition rides;
• Only mountain bike-type bicycles with 26, 27.5 or 29 wheels (exceptions will be made for children), in a proper functioning state will be allowed;
• All bicycles used in Bucharest MTB Race must be propelled by human force only. Participating with electric bikes is not allowed.
• The competition numbers will be fitted on the bicycle, in the front, and are not to be disposed of until crossing the finish line (or in case of abandon);
• The competitors may fix or replace any part except for the frame. Changing the bicyle is not allowed, the competitors must cross the finish line with the same frame and the same number on the handlebar.
• In case of a tyre failure, other type of failure or down-time, the competitor is required to go outside the track, in order to avoid the accidents and to solve his problem in a safe place.

5. Recommendations

• Reserve tyres, patches, pump, tools;
• Water recipients (preferably fitted ready at hand in the bike’s bottle holder(s) or a hydration kit included backpack;
• Cycling glasses;
• The cycling gloves and the padded cycling pants are part of the recommended equipment;
• Pump, spare tyre, patches and tyre levers;
• Mobile phone;

6. The competition categories

  • Female Elite (19 years + Elite or U23 FRC licensed)
  • Male Elite (19 years + Elite or U23 FRC licensed)
  • M/F Cadets (15-16 years, UCI licensed)
  • M/F Juniors (17-18 years,  UCI licensed)
  • Children A (13-14 years, UCI/ FRC licensed)
  • Children B (11-12 years, UCI/ FRC licensed)
  • M/F 19-29 years (amateurs, with or without UCI license)
  • Master 1 (30-39 years, with or without a UCI license)
  • Master 2 ( 40- 49 years, with or without a UCI license)
  • Master 3 (50+ years, with or without a UCI license)
  • Master F ( 30+ years, with or without a UCI license)

7. The registration process, kit pick up and fees:
The number of participants is limited to 250 adults. The place is considered reserved only after payment confirmation.
The registrations are open until Thursday, 24 October, at 12.00 or until the number of 200 participants, paid and confirmed, is reached.
The participants must fill in the form online. There will be no registrations or payments on the scene!
The value of the participation fee is 150 RON for the adults, juniors and cadets and 80 RON for the kids.

8. Payment methods:

By bank transfer, credit/debit cards or on the 14th of October. There will be no registrations or payments on the scene!

9. Kit pick up and competition numbers:

When picking up the registration kits, you will need the Personal Responsibility Statement and the Written consent of the parents for the minor children, the proof for paying the registration fee (if the payment does not appear as confirmed on the list of participants) and the identity card.

10. The route

The XCO format-arranged route has an approximately 6 km length and will be covered 6 times by the 15-40+ categories of age and 1-2 or 3 times by the children.
It will be marked with pink spray and BikeXpert marking band, on the dam bordering the Park and on the main tracks, outside the protection areas, so that the presence of the cyclists has a zero impact on the ecosystem. Cycling in the Văcărești Natural Park is an action allowed by the regulation approved by the Ministry of the Environment.
All contestants will be stopped at the Finish line after the first contestant completes all the laps.

11. The marking

The marking will be made on branches with „BikeXpert” marking band and with marking poles, which will be recovered after the competition ends.

12. Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the organizers:
• Provide the starting kit for the participants;
• Provide the properly marked competition route;
• Provide the rehydration and checking points;
• Provide prizes, products and medals;
• Provide the placement of the control points on the route and the observance of the contestants’ arrival order at these points; the arrival timed by a chip system;
• Provide the safety at the Start and Finish lines, by means of security and medical support;
• Provide a medal for each finalist;
• Provide the holding of the technical meeting before the competition;

The organizers are exempted from liability if during the race the public deteriorates the guidance markings. In unfavourable weather conditions, the Organizer may decide to stop/postpone/cancel the competition.

Responsibilities of the Participant:

• All competitors participate in the competition under their own responsibility;
• The contestants bind themselves to carry the chip received when picking up the kit and the registration validation. In case of losing the competition chip during the race, the contestant shall not be inscribed in the competition leaderboard.
• Each participant is required to follow the directions of the route coordinators. In places where these are absent, the participants should exercise cautiousness and not shorten the route and also comply with the following rules:
– when overtaking, each contestant has the duty to let the competitor in the front know the side on which he will overtake;
– the competitor in the front, on the narrow track, has the obligation to not baffle and to allow the overtaking of the one in the back, in case this one is faster;
• The contestant having an accident or any kind of material damage (bicycle, any equipment) cannot claim moral or material compensation and waives, by the competition registration itself, any and all rights to claim subsequent compensation.
• The contestants must know the regulation and participate in the technical meeting, they must regardfully consider the information announced by the organizers; in the technical meeting, the organizer announces official information, even if it is not drafted in this regulation;
• In case of observing an accident, the contestants are bound to report it to the next control point or to call the emergency telephone number displayed on the competition number or 112;
• The contestants are obliged to comply with the environmental protection rules;
• In case of technical abandon or disqalification, the athlete must transport his bike to the finish line (exceptions are made in case of accidents);
• The contestants are under the obligation of protecting/avoiding any potential bystanders or persons which are incidentally on the route.

13. Conditions which result in disqualification

• Not covering the entire route or cutting it short;
• Not using the protection helmet during the competition;
• The lack of fair-play in behaviour and the trivial language towards the contestants, organizers or audience (insulting, pushing the contestants, baffling, etc.);
• Using aids from outside the competition (using motor vehicles or motorcycles etc.);
• Changing the bicycle during the competition;
• Changing the competition number;
• Losing or distroying the timing chip;
• Abandoning packages or other waste on the route. These may be left only in the feeding points and in the finish area;
• Disqualifications may also occur after the competition, after viewing the pictures, videos or following a well-founded complaint of other contestants.

14. Force Majeure

In case the organization of the competition is being blocked by Force Majeure events or unfavourable weather events, the organizer reserves his right to decide, as applicable, the postponement/surcease/prolongation of the competition or the modification of the route.
The organizer reserves his right to modify this regulation whenever necesary. These possible changes will be published on the official Internet page of the Bucharest MTB Race competition.
In case of withdrawing from the race, the participation fee will not be reimbursed.
By registering into the competition, the participants declare they agree on their personal data being processed by the organizer, as well as on the participation in the „Bucharest MTB Challenge” competition, this involving the acceptance and consent of the participants that their personal data are retained and processed by A.C.S. BikeXpert and Asociația Parcul Natural Văcărești for the purpose of developping the competition and communicating the useful information, both for this year’s edition, as well as for the subsequent editions.