Vacaresti National Park, October 16th , 2021

Bucharest MTB Race is a mountain bike competition aiming to support a healthy life-style and to promote Văcărești Natural Park as a place for education and recreation in the middle of a crowded Bucharest. Cycling is an activity allowed and encouraged by the park regulation, the event organizers making sure that the presence of the athletes in the park has a zero impact on species and habitats.

The event comes to meet nature lovers, amateur and professional cyclists eager to test their abilities on two wheels, in a memorable natural place, right in the middle of Bucharest.

Văcărești Natural Park was founded by Government Decision on the 11th of May, 2016. It is the first Romanian natural park situated in the urban space. The park, category V IUCN, came into being particularly for protecting the environment: a unique variety of swamps and wetland-specific vegetation in an urban, highly anthropized space.
Countdown to Start
2021/10/16 10:00:00